In 2005, the Hangartner brand was established and founded as a luxury home building company that strived for a reputation of honesty, integrity and hard work. Over the last decade we have proven to do so by building solid relationships with our clients in some of North Dallas’ most notable residential developments. 

As a 4th generation general contractor, founder Ben Hangartner’s determination for excellence stems from those that have gone before him. Ben observed his family and ultimately realized that people do business with people they like, know and trust.

people do business with people they like, know and trust

Ben Hangartner

As the residential side of the business began to grow our clients requested we assist with their commercial construction projects and provide construction management services due to the level of trust created, expertise shown and commitment to every project.

By being diversified in residential and commercial construction and understanding the roles and responsibilities of the construction industry along with practical experience and comprehensive skills in all areas of planning, design, construction and development, the Hangartner companies have been able to provide a value added service for its clients at every level.

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